Mustafa YABAS who?

Mustafa Yabaş whom is from Şanliurfa, made his childhood dreams of becoming an athlete or an actor, come to life by being a coach in various sport branches alongside with modelling. Between the years 2006-2007 he took part in a theatre play in Şanlıurfa called “Bir kaşık sevgi” along with various other plays and organizations, that where organized by him. Between the years 2008-2009 he stared in a British made movie taken place in Şanlıurfa, called “Afganistandan Kaçıs” as the gang leader “Ahmad”. In 2011 Yabaş played the role of craft supervisor in “8 ayrı ülke 8 ayrı yönetmen Mimar Sinan Sinema Belgeseli”. Mustafa Yabaş, moved to Beirut in 2014 to build up on his foreign language and his acting to become the actor he had been dreaming of. By taking acting training and also modelling he had made a name for himself in the Middle East. Right after he started shooting commercials and clips with famous people. With all of the mess in the Middle East he wanted to carry on his acting career in Turkey. In Istanbul he started his education in Istanbul Communications Academy of diction. Produced by Emir Cast Agency, he stared in “Cin-Ayet” with Yıldız Asyalın as the leading character. Between the years 2015-2016 he took master classes in Oda Tiyatrosu, and in 2016 June he stared in the first Turkish – Arab co production movie called the “Adı Aşk” as the leading character. Mustafa Yabaş took private tutorial from Actor Omar Al Darwish whom won the best actor award in 2013 to build on his advanced Arabic acting technique, and last of all in 2017 he took tutorials at the school of “35 buçuk Akademi Sanat Evi”.




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